Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Our Apartment - The Before Photos

^^ Living room. We will do new floors and painting.

Welcome to my first blog post of 2019 and to our new apartment! I if you follow me on Instagram you may have seen these photos already and the renovations we have done so far, but if you haven't - here are the before photos! We're going to renovate the whole apartment basically. The bathroom and kitchen especially as you can see. We're currently doing the bathroom and then we will do the other rooms and last the kitchen so we can move in at least. But new floors in the whole apartments, new painting on the ceilings and walls and some walls we have to grind (I think you say that) first before we can paint them. So yes, it's a lot to do but in the end it will look amazing!  

^^ Bedroom to be, also new floor and painting

^^ This will be my mini walk in closet and I'm so excited!! It's in connection to the bedroom (it's the door you can see in the left corner in the photo above) so it's perfect. 

^^ Uhhhh and the ugly bathroom... Or a cheap hotel in Greece as my boyfriend said haha! The new floor is soon done and then we will make the orange part white, new bathroom furniture and so on. And we will remove the bathtub and install a shower and washing machine. 

^^ The kitchen which is very old, from 1955!! We will keep the fridge and freezer but everything else will go. And the washing machine we will move to the bathroom. 

So that is out apartment!! The size is just perfect for being our first apartment I think. The living room is actually big and we will have a big sofa there so we can have a lot of friends and family over! Can't wait!!



  1. I am excited to see what the after looks like :) Congratulations!

    - www.youthofthesun.com


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