Friday, January 11, 2019

My favorite colors from Essie and my past as a nail art blogger...

^^ "Sand Tropez", here
Rings from Primark

Hi everyone! It's Friday woohoo! But I'm working this whole weekend... Next day I'm off is next Friday actually so 7 days in a row for me. But I was just off for two days and the day before that I was sick so I have been home for three days which has been so nice to be honest. I really needed that. So the first day I wasn't doing anything special since I had a horrible headache, but yesterday me and my friend had a little shopping day and it was so fun! Really a long time ago since we did something like that together and I have missed it so much.

And now on to today's blog post. Did you know that in the beginning, like many years ago, my blog was a nail blog? I was soooo into nail art and design by then. I was 14-15 and I was quite good actually. But then I stopped in lack of time I guess and it was a hobby and something I enjoyed doing for a while. My first collaboration was with an online nail art store also. But now I have grown up and so has my style, so I'm more into classic, sophisticated nudes now. Sometimes I do glitter as well which I really like. But I always try to keep it classic and simple. 


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