Thursday, December 20, 2018

Ready For Christmas

Hii lovelies, I post very rarely here but I wanted to pop in before Christmas! It's just four days until Christmas Eve now and I couldn't be more ready for some time off work. I'm very lucky this year, I happen to be off the day before Christmas, Christmas Eve and on Christmas day the store is closed so we're all off. So I have three days in a row and it feels amazing. I'm so tired and I have been kind of sick (a cold that never seems to end, a sore throat and cough) for about two months now and I think it's because I never have any time for rest. When I'm off work it's usually just one day, almost never two days in a row (that retail life...) and one day is not enough. But I hope it will get better after Christmas because I really miss working out. 

Knit Zara

Skirt Mango

Shoes Dinsko

Bag Aldo

Necklace Victoria's Secret

My boyfriend snapped these photos of me earlier today when we were in town doing some last minute (oh well, it's still a few days left ha) Christmas shopping! 

Also, if you follow me on Instagram, I hope you haven't missed the BIG NEWS - That we have bought an apartment!!!!! We are going to do a lot of renovations, pretty much everything and we will start now after Christmas and we're so excited!!!! We are going to start with the bathroom and I will share the progress with you all on my Instagram and also with some bigger photos here on the blog so stay tuned! ♡♡


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