Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Bright Colors For Fall

Cable knit Uniqlo// Pants Uniqlo // Shoes Lost Ink London (similar)// Bag H&M 

Fall is automatically connected to darker colors, but why? The weather and everything goes darker in the fall so why make it even darker by wearing dark clothes?! Okay... I'm a BIG fan of black, I love wearing black. But I also love white, blush pink and pastels, I think we should wear them in the fall and winter too, not only for summer and spring! And also, walking down the street in a pink jacket or a pair of pink trousers is so much more fun than wearing black and looking like everyone else, right? 🎔

I hope you're doing well! I'm doing my last morning shift week now, and then I have evening shifts for two weeks so that's going to be so nice!! It feels like waking up 3.45 every morning has made me a little bit crazy haha! And I'm also off this weekend, both Saturday and Sunday and I'm looking forward to it so much! It's not often you get two days off in a row if you work in retail, and especially not a weekend. I hope I can shoot some outfits so I have something to share with you later ♡



  1. What a lovely blush pink look, love that cute fur bag! xx


  2. I love your style and the way you edit your photos, so soft and lovely ✨
    - xo Britt


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