Thursday, June 21, 2018

Wrap Dress

There is nothing as classic as a wrap dress, right?! I'm a big fan of them and I bought this dress a couple of weeks ago and I have been wearing it so much! It's so comfortable, cute, chic and it's the perfect length too. Couldn't find this dress I'm wearing online but I linked other wrap dresses that I like instead below. ♡

It's Midsummer tomorrow!! But it's going to be 11 degrees and rain... Yaay. WHY??!! We have had between like 24-30 degrees (C) for three weeks and now on Midsummer, the most important day of the summer (except my birthday haha!), it's going to be the worst summer weather ever... Not fun. Midsummer is a day when everyone wants to sit outside and do activities outside the whole day so everything is pretty much ruined now. But who knows, the weather can change in one day! 

I also have some fun news for you... I'm starting a new job on Monday!! And I will be super busy so no more blogging I think. At least for a while. And in two weeks I'm going to Thailand on vacation so it's a lot going on right now. But I will post A LOT on my Instagram during my Thailand trip so stay tuned for that. I have so many new bikinis and swimsuits that I want to show you! 🎔

Dress Vero Moda

Shoes Zara

Bag Victoria's Secret


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