Thursday, May 10, 2018

My Travel Wish List Destinations

Hi everyone and welcome to today's blog post! I mostly post outfits and fashion related posts so I thought I would mix it up today with a travel post. I have never done a travel wish list post before so I'm excited! 

I have to admit something -  I'm a dreamer. I read somewhere that you spend 70 % of your time during the day when you're awake daydreaming, and I know I do. I dream about future travels, what I'm going to do this summer, future jobs, about my life in 10 years, clothes and bags I'm going to buy, food I want to cook and restaurants I want to try. I'm constantly thinking and dreaming about something. Lately, I have been daydreaming a lot about travels, so I decided to do a list of places I want to visit sometime to kind of clear my head a bit. And here comes the list: 

Aruba (picture above)

I LOVE flamingos and I'm pretty sure you have heard about the flamingos at Aruba. The flamingos actually belong to a hotel at Aruba. The hotel has their own island where they keep the flamingos and I just have to go to that hotel sometime!! Preferably as soon as possible haha!  

The Maldives 

Can you find a more beautiful, dreamy place on earth?! I don't think so. It seems to be so relaxing there and everything looks so incredibly beautiful, like a paradise. And also, it will be gone one day because the sea level keeps going up... 

Italy (Rome, Milan and the Amalfi Coast)

I have three places from Italy on my list because I have never been there! And I don't know why! I have been to Spain hundreds of times (it feels like) but never to Italy, and it's like the same distance or even less. I want to try the pasta, pizza and ice cream! I want to visit Rome, Milan and the Amalfi Coast. Rome and Milan because it feels like places you must visit sometime in your life and all the buildings are so beautiful. The Amalfi Coast because it's so pretty and it has a lot of colorful houses and it looks so photogenic! Imagine how beautiful pictures you can take there. 

Florida (Miami and Palm Beach)

I have been to the states one time, to New York and I loved it! Now I want to visit more places in the US. Miami has always been a place I want to go to. I don't really know why, but I know I'm going to love it. Recently I have been dreaming about Palm Beach too. They have pink houses everywhere and it looks like an incredible city! I have heard they have a lot of good shopping in Florida too which isn't too bad...

The Cotswolds (England)

The Cotswolds on the English countryside definitely stands out on my travel wish list. It's not warm or tropical, but gorgeous and so pretty! I have been wanted to visit the Cotswolds since I saw a vlog from Fashion Mumblr from there. I have been to London, Bournemouth, and Bath but I want to see more of England. 


I mentioned that I have been to Spain hundreds of times. Yes, but never to the capital Madrid! I think the reason why I haven't been there so far, is because it doesn't have a beach haha! I love the mix of city and beach (love Barcelona) so I always try to get that. But sometime I want to see Madrid. The perfect trip would be to first go to Madrid for a couple of days and then head to the beach, maybe Mallorca. 


Can you believe that I have never been to Paris?! I can't. I think it's like a three hour flight from Sweden to Paris. Paris is definitely a city you have to visit sometime in your life. Not exceptions!! 


Dubai is like Miami, I have always wanted to go there. I want to see the country they have built up from nowhere. Everything seems to be so tidy and clean there haha! And the beach looks beautiful and they have the biggest mall in the world... 


So here you got my Travel Wish List destinations! They are pretty normal, I guess. I mean, who doesn't want to go to the Maldives or Aruba these days?! But I really want too see them and explore them and I know for 110% that I will someday! 🎔 Do you have any dream destinations? 


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