Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Shein Bikini Review

Hi lovelies and welcome to today's blog post which is a bikini review of the site Shein. I have wanted to try their swimwear for a while because they are so CUTE and cheap. Shein sizes can be really tricky...  And even more difficult when it comes to bikinis. One good thing you can do is to read the reviews. They are really good because a lot of people post pictures as well. So before I purchased these two bikinis, I read the reviews but they weren't so much help actually. Someone that looked double as big as me was wearing a small but next someone that looked half size of me was wearing a medium. So I decided to buy one bikini in S and one in M. 

The pink ruffle bikini

This is literally the cutest bikini I have ever seen! And the quality is good, feels like any high street bikini. I ordered this one in M and the bottoms are so small! I got the biggest double butt in history haha! That is so sad because they are so incredibly cute and so much my style. But the top otherwise, fitted perfectly except from one thing... It's not covering your whole boobs. It covers the outer sides if you can call it that, and the nipples. Or I would say, it pretty much covers the nipples. It goes like 1 centimeter or less over your nipples so it feels like they are going to pop out any second. And I have small boobs, I have size 34A/75A. But I will still wear it because I love the style of it so much! But maybe not go on a water slide in it...

Couldn't find the exact one but found two similar
The Black Scalloped Bikini

O ordered this one in size S and it fits perfectly, I love it so much! You tie the bands yourself so it doesn't really matter what size you are, you can still make it fit you. But the bottoms go really low in the front and in the back so I wouldn't go on a water slide in these either. But the quality is really nice and I adore the style! 

Overall I'm very happy with the bikinis and next time I want to try a swimsuit to see what they are like. This post is not sponsored or a collab, all opinions are my own. I do work with Shein but these two I purchased all by myself. Thank you so much for reading! ♡♡♡

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