Friday, April 6, 2018

My Top 3 Beauty Products Right Now

Hii lovelies, we made it to Friday!! Have you done something fun this week? 🎔 I started to do BBG for REAL this week and I can tell you that it has been a tough week haha. I have done BBG workouts before but I have mixed them up a bit with some of my own exercises and for legs, for example, I haven't done it fully because some of the exercises made my knee hurt a bit (I did a surgery 1 year ago and yes, sometimes I can still feel it and the doctor said that it will probably always be like that...) but this week, I started to do it for real and follow the workouts for 100%. I seriously thought I was going to throw up when I did the leg workout. It was horrible haha! And I realized how much cardio I have lost since I did my knee surgery and stopped doing gymnastics. Oh gosh... But it feels good to be on the go again. I think the hardest is the food. But if I stay away from cookies and cinnamon buns it should be fine. 

But let's move on to what this post was supposed to be about. I didn't plan to write about my BBG experience but I did ha. My plan was to talk to you about my current favorite beauty products!

Victoria's Secret Velvet Matte Lipstain (here)

I'm all about nude colors and pink but lately, I have been loving this more brown shade. What I also like about this is that it's matte, moisturizing and so long lasting! If you put this on your hand to see the color, your hand will be colored for two days (happens to the VS customers all the time, and if you don't know, I work there) if you don't scrub it off! And you can eat with it and it will look like nothing happened. It's so pigmented so it's exactly like a lipstick, but moisturizing too which is great because it's still winter here and my lips are so dry at the moment.  

Rituals The Ritual of Sakura Magic Touch Body Cream (here)

This body cream and smell makes me so happy, relaxed and calm. I love using it in the evening after I have showered and it's so creamy and perfect to use after you have shaved your legs too. This scent is just so lovely. I always put on a hand cream or lotion on my hand before I go to bed and this one is perfect. When I sleep, I don't want to feel a strong scent from my hands that gives me a headache. But this one is just so gentle. Love it!

Benefit Hoola Matte Bronzer (here)

I bronzer is a must have in my makeup bag. I'm not so much into contouring, but I like bronzers! They are easier to use and you don't have to be so precise. I also have a very pale face so some bronzer is really necessary! The Hoola Bronzer from Benefit is a cult product but I hadn't tried it yet so I bought a set of Benefit travel size products and this one was included and I really like it! It's a pretty dark color so I have to be careful but it's beautiful! It's very small tho so my bronzer brush almost doesn't fit in it haha! But I will definitely go for a big size next time!


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