Saturday, March 24, 2018

Overall Dress - The Clothing Piece I Never Thought I Would Wear

Okaaay, I'm wearing an overall dress haha! I never ever thought that I would wear an overall dress in this age. I mean, I wore them when I was a little girl but now I'm 19... But when I saw it on the Shein website, I thought, why not? It looked good on the model. Now when I have it one, I can tell you that it's not really my style. It's fun and kind of cute but just not me. But I do think that it can look more me with a lace top or a bell sleeve top underneath for the summer. But I don't regret that I ordered it because style is about trying new things and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't and that's totally okay. But I have to say that it's really comfortable and the fabric is very soft and smooth! It's easy to move around in it and I love the pink color!

Overall dress Shein

And I know that it has been a suuuper long time since I updated or did an outfit post, but I just haven't had time + the weather situation in Sweden right now makes me so tired, depressed and uninspired... I just want all the snow to go away and warmer weather and sun to come!


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