Wednesday, February 21, 2018

The Moisturizer My Skin Is Loving This Winter

Say hi to my face's winter savior, the Daily Moisturizer for normal to oily skin from Cetaphil! I normally use a gel moisturizer because that works best for my skin but lately, my skin has gone over to be just oily to a combination skin. And I think it's the cold winter weather. I have got dry patches on my face and a gel moisturizer isn't enough for that. But what works is this one! It's a cream so it's thicker but it doesn't make my skin shinier or anything! It just makes my skin soft like a baby haha! And it sinks into the skin very well too and it's a good base for my makeup. 

I couldn't find the exact one online, I think it has a new bottle and it's for "All skin types" now instead. 

Maybe you have noticed that I have only posted beauty posts so far this week and it's because the weather is horrible. It's snowing almost every day so that makes it impossible to shoot bc 1. You won't see my outfit properly and 2. I don't want my camera to be wet. And when it's not snowing it's just dark and grey. So I don't feel so inspired for taking outfit photos right now because they don't look like I want them to look. I actually shot one outfit but I deleted all the photos later because they look so boring and I don't want to post them. But hopefully, spring will be here soon... So thank you for your patience and don't forget to check out my Instagram because I post a lot there too! 🎔

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