Friday, February 23, 2018

Testing a Straightener Brush // Testing Video!

Today you will find a new video on my Youtube channel and it's a video where I test a straightening brush! I have heard a little bit about these but wanted to try them for a while because I always make my hair straight and I use to blow dry it but it takes a while to do that... And a flat iron doesn't work with my hair, it gets curly again after a few hours or a day. So I was interested to see if a straightening brush would work or not. See if it did and what I thought about it in the video and please subscribe too 😘❤, it means a lot to me! 

Anyway, have you noticed any problems with Instagram hashtags lately? I have a problem with them. When I use hashtags, the photos don't show up when I search for the hashtag, only a few hashtags work. This is really annoying since I'm using hashtags to reach out to people and to get new followers. Have you experienced something like this? Please let me know if so! 

You can also watch the video here or on Youtube


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