Monday, January 8, 2018

Why Blogging Is My Hobby And How It All Started // +Getting Personal

Hi lovelies and welcome back to a new week! I wanted to start this week by going down a bit deeper and not only talk about outfits and beauty. 

I have been blogging for years... I barely remember when I started but I think I was 14. But I created So Lovely By Sophie when I was 16 I believe... But it was named Sequins in Pink at first but I changed the name about 1,5 years ago and you can watch this if you want to know why. But I have been blogging for a very long time and I want to tell you why in this post. 

The reason why I started a blog in the first place was that I was bored. It was summer holiday and me and my family were in a house we have in northern Sweden and there is nothing to do there. So I started a blog because I wanted to have something to do and I liked doing fashion collages and things like that. So that was the beginning. And then it just continued.

When I was in school and I had math or something that I don't like, I was dreaming about blogging and really longed until I could go home and blog. It was my little dream world and still is. But it was when I started upper secondary school and things got really hard and everything was a nightmare, I really started to love blogging. I love blogging because it's my blog and only I make all the decisions and no one else have anything to say. There is no one controlling me. And fashion is what I love the most and it's what my blog is about. In school, I was dreaming about coming home so I could take photos, edit photos and go into my blogging bubble and just forget everything else in the horrible world. Blogging made (and makes) me so happy. I guess blogging has always been that thing that fills the hole in my life. Boredness or unhappiness. It's a world I can escape to. 

But that was how I felt during school. I'm no longer in school anymore which has made to a much happier person but I still feel the same for blogging. I love it!! But lately, I haven't been able to blog so much but now I have more time for it and gosh I have missed it sooo much!! I have also been out of inspiration for a while but a few nights ago when I came home from work really late, it all just came back to me! I felt so inspired and literally jumped out of bed the next day so I could snap an outfit (this post) and write this post. And I also felt a very strong shopping need so I went into the Mango sale and ordered some stuff hihi! I have been feeling down for a few weeks but now I'm so happy and feel so light if you know what I mean. It feels like I'm flying haha! 

This post is quite long right now (for being me!) so I'm going to end it here. I hope you like this post and that I went more personal. Please leave a comment about what you think and if you want more personal posts like this! ❤ Thanks for reading and follow me and my little dream world! 


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