Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Dressed For Success - And Hello 2018!!!

I found this blazer in Primark when I was in London in November and liked it because it was a bit longer than the usual blazer and it was a bit body fitted so it goes in in the waist. I tried it on and loved it! Then when I came home, I started to wear it to work and now I'm obsessed with blazers and especially this one! I started to notice that when I wear a blazer, I became much more confident, felt more powerful and a better seller. I think it's because everyone connects a blazer with something serious. I mean, all the bankers and directors etc wear a blazer/suit. So when I as a seller (or Sales Associate) wears a blazer, I think the customers believe more in what I say and show them. So that's why I know wear a blazer to work almost every day and yes, I have started to grow a little blazer collection now... 

And this is also my first blog post of 2018!!! Happy New Year! ❤🌟 I hope you had a wonderful NYE! I worked both on NYE and the day after... Not the funniest but totally okay. 2017 was a whimsical year. I did a knee surgery, graduated school, went to London, France (Nice, Monaco, Menton), Mallorca, Gothenburg and then London again. I got a job at Victoria's Secret which I will be grateful for my whole life... I and my boyfriend celebrated two years together... What else? But I'm looking forward to what 2018 brings. I don't have any expectations at all so I'm open to everything but let's make it powerful and filled with love! ❤❤❤

Blazer Primark

Top Cubus

Pants H&M

Shoes Deichmann

Clutch Mango

Earrings Primark

Necklace Bijou Brigitte


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