Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Delicate Jewelry

Ring from Primark

Lately, I have been really into delicate, small and fine jewelry. Don't take this wrong, I still love a nice pair of statement earrings (like these ones 😍), but lately I have been drawn to smaller jewelry. I think smaller jewelry looks my personal and that's why I love it. It started in the summer when I bought a necklace from Bijou Brigitte. You have seen me wearing it 10000 times here on the blog. I wear it almost every day and when I don't wear it (more like forget to put it on), it feels so empty and I can really feel that something is missing! I love delicate jewelry because you can easily turn them into an everyday piece and make it You. 

Here below I have linked some delicate jewelry that I love and would love to add to my collection! All of them are under $100 and pretty affordable if you ask me since the fact that you will be wearing it almost every day so the price per wear will be very low in the end! My favorite brand is Ted Baker and I just want everything from them! 


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