Friday, January 19, 2018

Current Wanties // A Neutral Color Palette

I have been all about neutrals lately... And the truth is that if your closet is full of neutrals, you will always have tones of outfits to wear because all the colors can be matched together. And I also think we can count glitter as a neutral... Right?!

I actually saw that River Island bag last weekend when I was in Mall Of Scandinavia. I had been jumping in extra in the Victoria's Secret store (btw, that day was crazy!!) there and after my shift, I was browsing some stores and saw that bag... And now I so regret that I didn't buy it haha! But well well, new chances will come!

Maybe I should tell you why that day was crazy. It was last Saturday. I was going to work 9-17 (and maybe finish at 15 if everything went on smoothly), with taking down one of the VS stores at Arlanda Airport. Yes, we have (or had) two VS stores there. One outside the security and one inside and now the inside store is gone. So I thought it would be a short day and I also had workout clothes on because we were going to be in the warehouse too and lifting a lot of things. But then around 12, I get a message from my manager saying " Please, please, can you go to Mall of Scandinavia? They need one more now!". So I had to go. If I had known that in the morning, I had put on more proper clothes than workout wear, but at least they were from VS haha! So from 13-19 I was working in MOS (short for Mall Of Scandinavia) and ohhh my gosh, so many people!!! It was Saturday and sale and the store was full of people! You could barely move in there. But the time went to fast because I had so much to do all the time and it was really fun to work in another store! I'm probably going to work there one more time in January, yay! I came home about 21 because it was some problem with the trains so it was a long, unexpected and fun day! End of story haha!

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