Friday, November 17, 2017


Is it just me or are you tired all the time too? I think it's the weather. Dark and cold. Ugh! But just because I feel tired doesn't mean I have to look tired. I just tried out this brightening gel cream from Victoria's Secret (unfortunately not available anymore) and I love it! It has shimmer in it so I was a bit skeptic to it in the beginning since I have oily skin but you know what, it works good on my skin and makes it so smooth!! 

I have also been eating a lot more sugar and unhealthy things the past month since it started to become really dark and cold. But it's true that you get depressed when the weather is like this and when you're feeling down you want sugar... So what I have to do it just to stop eating unhealthy and try to stay away from it! 

These will make you look awake...


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