Friday, November 24, 2017

Sweater Dress And Faux Fur // Ready For The Winter

Hi readers and followers, surprised to see me here? Yepp, me too haha! I have done like two blog posts in two weeks. But it has been a lot recently, I have been working almost every day which I don't have a problem with because I love it, but my channels are affected and that's just how it is right now. But actually, in December I'm not working as much as in November so I will definitely have more time for my channels then! And I'm free almost every weekend! I haven't been home a weekend for five weeks now I think. But it's fun to work during the weekends because we have a lot of customers but a weekend off sometimes is nice... 🎔 But tomorrow I'm working (and today, free from work Tuesday and Sunday this week) and it's so fun because it's Black Friday weekend so we have buy 4 and pay for 2 in the stores right now!! I'm working at Victoria's Secret if you didn't know. I bought a bag, VS Sport leggings, sport bra and top today hihi.

We also got snow a few days ago. Crazy!! And it has been so cold but now it's warmer again so that's nice. But snow or not, I'm ready for the winter in my new super comfy and soft sweater dress and my faux fur gilet! 

Dress Primark

Gilet New Look 

Shoes H&M

Bag Mango

Earrings Forever 21

Bracelet Snö of Sweden

Necklace Bijou Brigitte

Lipstick Bourjois  (so in love with the color!!)



  1. You're so lucky to work at VS, I wish I could work there too but we don't even have any stores in my country haha That's a gorgeous outfit, I love the vest, it's super cute.

    Marta -

    1. Hope VS comes to your country soon, and if they do - apply for a job, it's so fun to work there! <3


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