Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Wednesday Wishlist...

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Hi and welcome/welcome back to my little blog! Today I thought I would share with you some items that I want right now! And I just realized that it's a lot of pink hues haha! But pink is my favorite color and I think you can see that... I think I will do a "Wednesday Wishlist" every week from now on because I love to scroll around on the web and browse around in all the online shops and see what I like. What do you think of that idea? ❤

How is your week going so far? I'm working quite a lot this week but I was free yesterday and on Friday as well. But I love to go to my work so it doesn't matter for me so much! The only thing that is difficult is to find time to be with my boyfriend... And don't even mention friends haha! He is going to uni (civil engineering) and I'm working and I don't work in Uppsala where we live and also I work in an airport so my working hours are quite weird sometimes (going up 2 in the night? Done that) so all of that makes it more difficult. But so far it has been going well actually. We have been able to see each other once or twice a week sometimes so you just I have to plan and find those small moments and make it work. But something that helps me a lot if to think like this "It won't be like this forever". I mean, he won't be going to uni forever and I won't be working in the airport forever and within a few years, we will probably live together so then we will see each other every day. So I try to think of that because it makes it easier. 

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  1. Happy Wednesday! All these things look so good.


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