Monday, October 30, 2017

The Jacket Made Out Of My Dreams!

Omg.... I don't have any words. Have you ever seen a more beautiful jacket than this one??!! I haven't! This jacket is seriously made out of my dreams... It's in the most gorgeous pink shade and it has pearls on it! Couldn't be any better! And also it's faux fur and it's so cozy!! If I have to say one negative thing it would be that it has no zip or buttons so it's always open so I won't be able to wear this when the real cold and winter come. But I'm thinking of putting some kind of buttons on it myself because I really want to wear this in the winter. It's from Shein which you know I love and have been collaborating with for a while. But this I have purchased all by myself. I didn't expect it to be so warm but it actually is. I thought it would be quite thin but it's so cozy! 

Btw, it's Monday! What are you up to this week? ❤ I can't believe that we're going into November on Wednesday, it's cray cray!! Speaking of Wednesday... I'm going to my doctor then to check up on my knee. I did a ACL knee surgery in March and in September I had an appointment because you have to go back after 6 months so they can see that everything is alright but I have been working quite a lot so I canceled and got a new time in November so it will be 8 months check instead of 6 haha, ups! But everything feels good so it shouldn't be any problems. But I'm a bit nervous of course but it will hopefully go fine. 

Jacket Shein

Top Object

Pants H&M

Shoes H&M

Bag Forever 21



  1. That jacket looks so comfy! I love the color of it too!

  2. That jacket is so pretty! It reminds me of Cher, from Clueless! Very chic!

    Happy Halloween - Beth


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