Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Singing In The Rain...

I'm singing in the rain... Or not haha! I'm a terrible singer just so you know ha! It was raining so much but I still wanted to take photos because I haven't done that so much lately because I have been working quite a lot recently. But this week and the next week it's a bit calmer so I will try to shoot and hopefully film so much as possible so I have a lot of content ready for those days and weeks when I don't have any time over for blogging etc. 

So, I wasn't planning on shooting this outfit but since it was raining and I and my mom bought this cute umbrella from H&M a few weeks ago, I changed my outfit plans and shot this instead, more suitable for the weather. 

Trench coat Primark

Pants H&M

Boots H&M

Bag River Island

Umbrella H&M

Earrings Primark


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  1. That outfit is so adorable for a rainy day! I love it!


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