Monday, September 11, 2017

Trenchin' Into Fall

Hi everyone and welcome back to another week! Last week fall really hit us... It just came from one day to another! It has become so cold and it's so weird. The day before it was 20 degrees and then 11... No fun! But what I do like with fall is that I can wear my trench coat! I love trench coats, you always look so classic and chic in a trench coat, it's such a closet staple! I bought this one at Primark in February this year and I love it even though I picked it up for like 14 pounds! What a bargain! 

Do you have any fun plans for the week? I will be working every day this week except for today and then Monday and Tuesday directly after that so I won't have so much free time this week haha! But today I'm going to work out, watch some Youtube, maybe do a video, try to write some blog posts and maybe bake something! Okay, that was quite a lot for one day... Maybe I will skip something haha! 

Trench Coat Primark

Shoes H&M

Bag Miss Selfridge


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  1. That outfit is so cute! Trench coats are just so perfect and cozy for the fall time.


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