Monday, September 18, 2017


Okaaay, I can barely believe this myself but a week ago, I didn't own a classic black tote bag!! OMG! How is that possible?! I mean, a tote bag must be the most versatile bag and even more if it's in black. But for some reason (which I don't know), I didn't have a classic black tote before. 

But last Tuesday, I got myself the perfect one! It's from Victoria's Secret where I work and since I have a discount, I purchased it because a bag like this one is something I really need. And it has a zipper and it's not always VS bags comes with that. Sometimes it's only a button which can be a bit unsafe. But this one has a zipper and it's a perfect size and I love the tassel details, it's so cute! But in the winter, I might switch the tassel and put on a little fluffy thing instead hihi!

Top H&M

Pants H&M

Shoes H&M 

Bag Victoria's Secret

Earrings Forever 21


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