Wednesday, September 13, 2017

My Secret To Smooth Hair | My Hair Care Routine

Hi everyone! Today I wanted to write about something I don't do so often, my hair! So first a little information about my hair... 

I have really thick hair and my parents got that as well so I know where it comes from haha! And it's curly and big and fluffy. Yepp. And it's like the worst ever. When it's humid outside or raining, it gets SUPER big and fluffy and it's horrible and impossible to style. My mom has the same problem but she has even curlier hair than me. My hair is more wavy than curly. My hair also gets oily in the scalp which is not fun! So now you know a bit about my hair! And does it look big, fluffy and impossible to style in these photos? Nope, it's because I have learned how to style and take care of my hair. 

The first step is to find the right shampoo and conditioner. I went to a new hair dresser in April when I highlighted my hair (and that was the first time I did something color wise to my hair) and she recommended these products from Wella Professionals. These products are very moisturizing and make thick and unruly smooth. Exactly what I needed! And I have been loving these two so much. And one good thing is that you don't need so much product. 

I wash my hair two or three times a week (when I did gymnastics, three) but it depends a bit. I gently massage the shampoo into my hair and taking extra care to the scalp. Then I wash it off and apply conditioner to the ends and just dab a tiny, tiny amount of conditioner on the top of my scalp. By doing that, my scalp doesn't get oily so fast as usual. 

After I have washed my hair, I blow dry it with a big, round brush. This is how I get straight hair. I don't like using a flat iron because my hair is so thick so it takes forever and also it gets curly again after one day. So what I do is to blow dry it and then my hair keeps its straight form. 

Then we're at step two! Or maybe step two is blow drying... But anyway! After I have blow dried it, I apply hair oil or smoothing hair lotion to the ends. My hair becomes soo soft and smooth by doing that and it smells amazing too! The oil I'm currently using is from Proffs and the hair lotion from Schwarzkopf / got2b. 

So that is my current hair care routine I have had since April! I really need to go and highlight my hair again soon since it was a couple of months ago now... 😁❤


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