Friday, September 15, 2017

Big Lace Sleeves + Where Do I Work?!

Hi lovelies and happy Friday! I hope your week has been good and that you have something fun planned for the weekend! I'm going to work this weekend but I'm fine with that because I really like (not love, yet, but soon maybe haha) my job. And I have been saying for like the past two weeks that I'm working but I haven't told you where... So here it comes. I work at Victoria's Secret!! I'm so happy and grateful for it! I wanted to work in a store with clothing or/and beauty and now it's exactly what I do! And I have had a little dream about working in the duty free shop at the Airport (in my case, Arlanda Airport) but I can't because you have to be 20 (selling alcohol blabla) but now I'm working at the airport because the Victoria's Secret stores (VS got two stores at Arlanda) I'm working in are located at Arlanda Airport!! And working at VS is SO fun! It's not just like any clothing store like Zara or H&M. You're not just standing behind the cashier. You're out on the floor and talking and helping the customer to give them the best service they can imagine and you need a lot of knowledge about the products. And it's so fun it's at the airport because I talk so much English now during the days and I love it! It's so good to speak English on a daily basis. So yes, I'm kind of a VS expert by now haha! I'm so happy for this chance and this job! I still want to be a fashion buyer but I wanted to take a study break and work for a year and I have got my dream job for now and it feels amazing. I'm so happy and will always be ❤. And then later when I'm going to study again, I will definitely continue working at VS as much as I can! 

But now a few words about this outfit... I LOVE the big sleeves! They are huge and it's so fun haha! Love wearing this top but at the same time it's kind of annoying because it's a bit tricky to eat hehe...

Top Zara

Jeans Zara

Shoes Primark

Clutch Mango


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  1. That outfit is so cute! I just love those shoes, they are adorable.


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