Friday, August 18, 2017

Stripes And Florals + Life Update

How cute is this flower embellished top?! And the ruffle sleeves... It's not a secret I love ruffles and girly details. It's just too bad that the summer has started to come to an end (I really hope not, but it does feel like that) because this top is pretty much a summer piece. But I do think I will wear this with jeans in the fall because I think it's so cute. 

And how is everyone doing? It's Friday and I'm happy about that but I'm actually going to work tomorrow (and today) so not so much weekend for me... No, I get quite a lot of weekend actually. I work from 9-15 tomorrow and 9-14 today so it's okay! I work in a lunch restaurant in an office building for the Swedish Church but sometimes they have events and things during the weekends as well. I got the job via my boyfriend's mom's cousin because she works there. Did I say that earlier this week, don't remember hehe but anyway. And the food comes from a company called Cajsa's kök where my boyfriend's mom works so it's all connected haha! You know I want to work with fashion and preferably in a clothing store but those jobs are hard to get so I'm just glad I have a job! So I will continue doing this until I get another job or until I start to study. But I'm an hourly employee so if I get a job in a clothing store and that also is hourly, I can maybe have both. 

Top Shein

Trousers Lindex

Shoes Duffy

Bag Forever 21



  1. Enjoy your time at work! I love the pattern on that top.

  2. Your top is so pretty! :)


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