Monday, July 10, 2017

Pink Bow Dress + Wedges To Love This Summer!

How cute isn't this pink bow dress?! I think it's a few years or at least on a year old though because I got it from my mom's closet because she didn't want to keep it because she had never used it. But it was perfect for me! 

I paired the dress with these wedges for a chic but casual day look. I love wedges, especially for the summer! They are the perfect kind of shoes because there are more parties, events and dinners in the summer and if you have wedges, you will not sink into the grass! They are also more comfortable and better for your feet! 

Dress H&M 

Shoes Eurosko

Bag My mom's

Watch Regal
More pink dresses from H&M!



  1. I love that outfit, it's so cute and flirty. It would be good for a date.

  2. The dress is so pretty! I really the color. :)


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