Wednesday, July 19, 2017

How To Look Elegant // 8 Easy And Affordable Ways To Look Luxurious And Expensive!

Hi everyone and welcome to today's post! I'm going to share 8 ways on how to look elegant today and I have also done a Youtube video connected to this post so go and watch that as well! It's up on my channel now ❤. I realize that the older I get (it sounds like I'm 100 now but I'm not haha, I promise!), the more I want to wear classic items. They can be taken as boring but they aren't! I thought that before but now I love wearing neutral colors and actually I wear a lot of blacks nowadays, something I didn't do before. But well, I go crazy sometimes of course. Like with this colorful flamingo outfit haha!

Top H&M

Slacks H&M

Shoes Primark


Necklace Bijou Brigitte

Earrings Primark

1. Neutral and classic colors Colors like black, white, beige, navy blue, light pink and blue shades are great colors when you want a more elegant look! The best is that all those colors can be matched together which means that it's much easier in the morning when you are going to pick out an outfit (but I always pick an outfit the night before anyway to save even more time!). One other good thing with a color themed closet is that you can invest in fewer but better quality pieces and match them together in many, many different ways! So it's okay that you paid a little bit more for that blouse because you will be wearing it so much.

2. Pieces that never goes out of style And with that I mean classic cuts and basics. It might sound boring but it doesn't have to be! An example of a classic piece is the wrap dress. Other classic clothes are the little black dress, the little white dress, a white and a black blouse etc. Those items don't have to be boring depending on how you style them. A great tip is to wear one trendy item with one classic. 

3. Pearls Pearls are always a good idea if you want to look elegant! And the best, you can buy them from H&M or Zara and they will still look good! But you have to think less is more when it comes to pearls. Let's say you have pearls on your top. Then it might be okay to wear a pair of small pearl earrings at the same time but you can't add another pearl item like a necklace because that will look too much. But if you have just a simple look with a pair of jeans and a blouse, then it would be okay with two items.

4. Learn how to fix your hair Learn how to fix your hair as the pros! Go on Youtube and watch tutorials on how to salon blow dry your hair, how to do fancy updos like a chignon and the french twist! Beautiful, tidy hair can take your look to a whole new level! 

5. Designer dupes With designer dupes, I don't mean real fake products you buy in a little shop in a backstreet, I mean products that are inspired by the high end brands. SheIn, Zara, Topshop and Primark are great on doing clothes and accessories inspired by the designers. And the best - it doesn't cost much at all!

6. Have your eyes on the sale and premium high street brands! Premium high street is in between high street and high end and it's those brands you should keep an eye on, especially when they have sales. Premium high street brands are for example Ted Baker (my favorite!!), Reiss and Club Monaco. These brands make really good clothes but they are actually affordable but it's on the sale you can do really good bargains. These brands have a lot of plain, classic clothes that will be perfect for your closet both color wise and style wise if you want to look luxurious.

7. Small and personal jewelry I love big, statement necklaces and earrings but to be honest, they can look a bit tacky, especially if it's something in plastic from a high street store. But if you buy smaller pieces, it's going to be harder to see if it's high street or high end. I bought this necklace I'm wearing in this post from Bijou Brigitte and it has become a necklace I wear almost every day and it looks way more expensive than 12 euros! 

8. Neutral makeup Don't go too bright with the colors when it comes to makeup. But keep it neutral is like the basic, general rule when it comes to having an elegant style.


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  1. I totally agree with #'s 4,6, and 7! I'll definitely keep those tips in mind. :)


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