Friday, July 28, 2017

Flowy Stripes...

I love this top from Zara! It's so fun and makes me so happy! It's so flowy so every time the wind comes by, it blows up which looks so fun haha but you have to watch out carefully! And I think the bows on the sides are so cute! 

But how are you doing? I feel quite happy today! It was my birthday yesterday so I'm 19 now... So old haha! But I think the biggest reason why I'm happy is that my boyfriend is coming home from Thailand on Sunday!! He has been there for three weeks with his family, his mom is from there. I don't remember is I have already told you this or not haha but anyway, I'm so happy he is coming home because I really miss him! But it has been easier and gone much faster than I thought! I became a bit sad and cried when he told me they were going because I thought three weeks felt like three months then. But I realized that three weeks is actually not that much so I didn't think about so much more but when we said good bye the last time before he left, I cried haha! Stupid I know but I can be a bit emotional sometimes. But he always said that it's going to go fast but I just said noo it's not but now... I have to admit that it has gone fast! It feels like we said good bye one week ago, not three haha! But I do miss him so, so much! I'm so glad he is coming home soon!❤

Top Zara

Slacks H&M

Shoes Primark

Bag Old, from my grandma I think

Watch Regal

Earrings Primark

Sunnies Lindex



  1. Gorgeous outfit - the top is so beautiful. I have just bought some similar in the sales. You look so much like the main actress on revenge!

    Rachael xox

  2. I love that outfit!!

  3. I love your outfit! Happy birthday too. :)


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