Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Flower Garden

Look what a gorgeous location I found yesterday when I was going to shoot! I had another location in my mind that was more suitable for my outfit but when I saw all those flowers... I just couldn't resist taking photos there! But I do think that a dress would have been more beautiful with all the florals... 

Today I and mom are out on a little boat trip. We're going to Åland (an island near Finland I think... haha) so be sure to check out my Instagram and I will take photos as well so a blog post from Åland is coming up on Friday! We're trying to come up with things to do because my boyfriend is in Thailand with his family because his mom is from Thailand and they are going to be there for three weeks!!! But they went this Sunday so it's actually less than three weeks now haha! But it's a very long time, three weeks... But I think it will go pretty fast. It was worse before he went but now he is there and the countdown has started haha! But next next week my mom and I are going three days to Gothenburg and then it's my birthday so the last week before he comes home will go fast which is very good! And we're flying down to Gothenburg (I think it's the second biggest city in Sweden, or third maybe haha...) so it's going to be fun to fly again! Third time flying this summer!

Top Forever 21

Jeans Zara

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Bag Forever 21

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  1. I love your outfit, it's so pretty!


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