Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Chilly Summer Days...

It is summer but it's still pretty... cold. Uhh! Last week was so windy and cloudy and it was so cold when the sun went behind the clouds! I can't remember any summer that I have been in the water/pool/sea so rarely like this one. Or I was in the water quite a lot at Mallorca but that's in another country, I'm talking Sweden. And now I'm going to take a quote from my grandma I just heard (she is downstairs, we're in our summer house at the moment when I'm writing this), "it's already July 19". And now it's July 26 (and it's my birthday tomorrow!) and it feels like the summer is almost over and that's so sad and boring! This summer has really gone fast!

I took these photos last week in the little summer town Öregrund, which is nearby our summer house. It was so cold so I had to throw on a jacket! Jackets shouldn't be used in July!! 

Jacket Zara

Dress Mango

Shoes Duffy

Bag H&M

Sunnies Primark



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