Monday, June 26, 2017


Hi everyone and welcome back to a new week! I hope you had a nice weekend ❤ Today I'm sharing some pics of this beautiful bell sleeve dress with pearls on! It's so comfortable and light weight so it's perfect for the summer heat, believe me! I also have to mention these sunglasses! I saw them when I was browsing around on the internet and WOW, they most be the most perfect sunnies ever! I have put a picture here below so you can see and if you click the picture, you come directly to the site so you can have a closer look or even buy them if that's the case!

I also want to say that my Mallorca Travel Diary comes up tomorrow on my Youtube channel! I'm so excited! I love to edit videos! 

Dress Primark

Shoes Primark

Bag New Yorker

Earrings Primark

Sunnies Primark... Did I say I love Primark?!


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  1. Very pretty! I really like your dress. The sunglasses adds a nice touch to the whole look. :)


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