Friday, June 23, 2017


One day when we were at Mallorca, we went into Palma! It felt a bit like Barcelona but I love Barcelona so I had no problems with that haha! It was a beautiful city with a lot of good shopping... I have to come back some day! My mom really wants to go there and Primark is very close as well (FAN Mallorca, we went there one day, I'm publishing a Mallorca Travel Diary next week on Tuesday so be sure to check that in!!). Me and my mom always go to London once a year for a shopping trip but so much has happened and is happening in London (attacks etc) right now so we don't really want to go there right now. I love London, it's such a pretty city and one of my favs but I think that it's scary when so much is happening. Hope it gets better! The world need peace, not war!!

And about the dress... This flowy maxi dress was the perfect outfit option for a hot (VERY hot) summer day in Palma! 

And it's actually midsummer here in Sweden today. The weather is much better than the latest two years (10 degrees and rain) but it could always be better!

Dress Lager 157

Bag Tommy Hilfiger

Shoes Primark

Sunnies Primark


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  1. Lovely dress! I really like the color and prints. :)


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