Monday, June 19, 2017


HI everyone! It was a loong time ago since I blogged now! Two weeks or maybe even more!! But now I'm back! If you don't follow me on instgram, you may don't know that I have been on vacation. First one week in France with my girlfriends and then one week in Spain at Mallorca with my boyfriend❤❤ Both trips were amaziing but it was so fun to travel with my boyfriend. It was the first time we went on vacation together and it was so nice to be just us for a week! It was really hard for me to go home from Mallorca, It seems like I have some problems to say bye to things, especially when it has been so incredibly good and fun. But that's life and there will be more times like that! But it was really nice to get a break after graduation and everything but now it's back to reality which I don't like. I could easily travel somewhere again tomorrow.

Now I have to find a job etc. But I'm working on it! I have sent my application  to many jobs so at least I'm doing something. But now when I don't have a job I can focus on my blog and youtube I guess because that's really the only thing that I have to do. But I like it! I would love to have this as my job!

These photos are taken at Mallorca, just beneath our hotel. We walked this way to the beach and to all the restaurants everyday and it was so beautiful! I have a lot to share from Mallorca so be sure to come back on Wednesday for a new post! And I'm working on a Travel Diary as well but I will be doing one TD for France as well and I'm going to do that one first. I hope I can get it up tomorrow or on Wednesday!

Dress Vila

Shoes Primark


Sunnies Lindex


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  1. Cute dress! I really like your outfit. :)


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