Friday, May 26, 2017

The Best Valentino Dupes Ever!

My love for Valentino Rockstud heels started around christmas this year and since that, my love for the shoes has grown bigger and bigger. But there is just one problem. The prize!! No way I can afford a pair of those beautiful shoes at the moment. But then I found these...

... At Primark of course!! Primark is just the best store ever, right haha?! I literally started to run towards them when I saw them in the store haha! Crazy shopping girl, I know... But I became so happy when I saw them. So while I can't afford the real ones, I will do perfectly fine with these. I got them in another color as well and I'm going to wear them on my graduation and I'm SO excited!

Top Zara

Skirt Bought from a random shop in Amsterdam

Shoes Primark

Bag New Yorker

Sunnies Forever 21

Earrings Primark

More dupes
The dream ones...


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