Monday, May 22, 2017

Pop of Pink

I don't wear bright, colorful colors that often. It's mostly neutral and blush things going on over here. But sometimes it's nice with a little colorpop and this bag is the perfect one for adding some color to my style! 

I have talked about this pink bag in this video so please watch it if you want to know all the details about it! But it's from a brand called Red Herrings that I bought at Debenhams when I was in London. Oh goosh what I miss London right now haha! I have been there in the summer one time but it was only two days so I would love to go back and explore the city in the summer! And I was on a Language School trip then so we didn't had so much free time. I really want to visit the Babylon Roof Gardens because they have flamingos!

And I just want to say that I just did my last test EVER in school (it's Thursday now when I'm writing this)!!!! Okay, I might to some tests if I study later but that's not really like school. That's uni or something. School is school, you know what I mean?! Anyway, it's basically OVER now!!!!! But I hope I'm going to pass it haha! It was religion and I'm noooot good in that. But I did my best!! 

Top Zara

Pants H&M

Shoes H&M

Bag Red Herring / Debenhams

Earrings Forever 21

Ring Primark


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  1. Love your outfit! The bag is so pretty. :)


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