Wednesday, May 3, 2017

My Favorite Nails Polishes For Spring And Summer!

Essie, Essie, Ciaté "Candy Floss"

Nails and nail polish is very close to my blogging heart because it was nail design that actually made me start a blog some years ago. A lot has changed since that, that blog wasn't so... good and the quality of the contant wasn't so high but that's how it is in the beginning when you do something new! But with that blog, I actually did my first collaboration and that was with a site called Born Pretty Store. So it was that who started everything and made me continue blogging because I thought it was so fun that someone liked what I did so nails and nail polish will always be close to my heart❤. 

In todays post I'm sharing with you my favorite colors for spring and summer. Some of these, like this one from Essie, is a color that is my go-to and I have been using it for years now and it's my all time favorite! But sometimes in the summer, I want something more bright, like this one which I think is so beautiful and reminds me of beaches and palm trees. 

Sephora "Jacuzzi", Ciaté "Sugar Plum"

Ciaté "Pepperminty", Essie

More colors I love for spring and summer!


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