Wednesday, May 31, 2017

It Has Come To an End...!


I don't really now where to start... I have kind of avoided writing this post for a while now. I want to do it but I know that I will start cry when I do it because I have so much feelings and emotions inside me about this subject... School. 

I graduate from school on Friday. The day after tomorrow. Two days after today. And it's just crazy. I can't believe it's finally happening! I have been in school for 13 (I think...?😄) years and now it's OVER!! But the years I really count are the three latest years. Upper secondary high school/highschool (okay, now I just started to cry haha, help me haha!!) because they have been... I don't find any words. Or I do! These years have been the best days ever and a hell. That's how I would describe them. So as you can see, I have a lot of mixed feelings inside me.

So I have been going the nature science program for these three years for you who don't know that. And it turned out to be my worst but also best decision ever. It's the best decision ever because I have got really good and beautiful friends and I met my boyfriend who is the best person in the universe (but I'm not going to talk about that now because I will start crying more if I do haha!). But when it comes to school and the subjects in school, it has been awful. I turned out that nature science was totally wrong for me. 

The first year went fine. I actually did very well. But then the second year come and things didn't go so... well. I had math and physics at the same time and it was too much for me. Far too much! So I didn't maked it in the end. I was SO stressed and I had SO much anxiety and in the end of the semester, I got break downs and I almost got depressed. And I'm not over it yet even tho this last year has been good. I haven't had any science things except from biology so no math and numbers which have been so good for me. But I'm still suffering from anxiety and I get stressed very easily. If I have more than one thing to do I get super stressed and it feels like the world is going under, literally. 

But now it's over and I think that's very good for me. Because me and my brain need to rest. I will still have anxiety and be stressed easily, but I'm sure it will be better and better. I just wanted to write this post and make things clear, but for myself and for you. But mostly for myself.

So I'm going to take a pause after my graduation and I will be traveling for two weeks so I will take a little break from here but I will be updating on instgram still because I love instgram!! And I'm going to take tones of photos during my trips and I want to share them with you! But then I will be back with a lot of outfit posts because I can't wait to go away and take outfit photos in different, beautiful locations! 

Now I'm going to take a look at the shoes I'm going to wear on my graduation because they are the most beautiful ones EVER!!! My mom doesn't like them but I LOVE them!!! You got a little sneak peek of my shoes and dress in this post... 💖



  1. Congrats on the accomplishment! Graduating from HS is very exciting and an awesome achievement to remember. Best of luck to the future. :)


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