Friday, May 19, 2017

Friday Florals

Hi everyone and happy Friday! I want to start with saying that this week was my last full week in school!!!! GAAAH! Next week we're free from school Thursday and Friday and the week after that, I'm graduating on Friday! I can't believe it!! It's SO close now! 

There wont be a new Youtube video on my channel this Friday. I'm on a gymnastic competition this weekend, I wont be competing because of my knee but I will be there with my team to support them of course! I'm their biggest fan haha! 

And last weekend, I bought a new computer (laptop) and I have been using it for a week now and I'm in love with my new (quite big) baby! I have had the laptop that I have got from school for three years and I have been using it at home as well but on Monday, it's time to give it back to the school (you can buy it too for not so much money, but it's three years old and my dad thought it was better to buy a new computer so he bought me one❤💗). The school computer was good tho but two keys had switched place with each other (weird haha!). So now I have a new laptop and I have been using it for a week and it's much bigger than my school laptop and I love it! Now I wont be carrying around with my computer everyday so I thought it was better to get a bigger one because it's nice to have a big screen when you work with photos and videos. I do have a big computer screen as well and I can connect my laptop to that screen as well if I want to which is nice! Maybe I should do a "My Blogger Equipment" post sometime haha?! 

And now on to the fashion... I wore this look for my grandma's birthday celebration last weekend. I love this top because of the beautiful floral print and the sleeves.... BELLE SLEEVES IN MY HEART FOR EVER!!! 

Top Primark

Slacks H&M

Shoes H&M

Bag New Yorker

Earrings H&M

Ring Montini

More belle sleevs!


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  1. I really like your top! Very feminine. :)


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