Friday, May 12, 2017

Classic Colors

What is more classic than the colors black, white and brown? I promise you that your staple clothes and accessories are in those colors, and the reason is of course that they are colors that are easy to match and they work well with other colors! I use these slacks from H&M like all the time and I'm sure you know that because I wear them here on the blog a lot because 1. They are the most comfy ones EVER! and 2. They match with everything! 

And guys, do you know what day it is?! Friday!!! But this week has been very fun though! This Tuesday, my school and the classes that are going the science program, had our "graduation party". It's not really a graduation party but I don't know how to describe it haha! But all the big schools and some smaller too (but mostly the biggest ones) have parties with a theme. My school and the science program (we're three science program classes in my school that graduate this year) had our party this Tuesday and the theme was "P-Skiva" (it makes sense in swedish but not in english), so you had to be something on P and I was a princess! You might have seen a picture of me on my instagram if you're following me! And it was so fun! And yesterday, it was our school again but the social studies classes and the theme was "Space rave" so I had a sparkly dress, the same dress as I had on New Year's Eve actually! That was also fun (but our party was way more fun, of course...❤❤). But this weekend is going to be pretty relaxed. Tomorrow I will just do some blogger things, shoot an outfit etc. and in the afternoon/dinner we're going to celebrate my grandma's birthday and of course I will spend a lot of time with my boyfriend and he is coming to my grandma as well. When I told my grandma that my boyfriend is coming too, she became SO happy! Haha!!

Top Zara

Belt Ted Baker

Slacks H&M

Shoes Wera Stockholm


Ring H&M

Earrings Primark


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  1. Lovely outfit as always! I really like the color scheme and style. :)


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