Friday, May 5, 2017

Best White Tops Under $100!

A white nice top or blouse is something so versatile and something everyone should have in their closet! A white blouse can be worn in hundred different ways and you can dress it up or down. Investing in a good quality blouse is good, especially if it's a part of your work closet! But if you're like me who just love to wear them on an everyday basis, I have got some really nice ones here below! 

And guys, it's Friiyay! I couldn't be happier (as always haha!). No but seriously, this week has been awful because I have been studying so much and it's not over yet but on Tuesday it is! I also want to say that I have a new video coming up on my Youtube channel this evening! It's a vlog but I'm not going to tell you more... I'm getting more and more confident doing videos but I'm definitely not there yet! Actually, I think it will be easier when I finish school and have more time and when I don't have a lot of stupid things like biology taking my time... 

Blouse Primark

Jeans Lindex

Shoes Din sko

Bag New Yorker

Earrings Primark

Rings H&M

My favorite white tops under $100


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  1. Love the white top! It's definitely perfect for the spring and summer season. :)


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