Monday, April 3, 2017

Gingham Top

The gingham pattern isn't smoething new, it came in the 17th century but it has been more and more popular the latest years. So, I decided to jump on the trend and bought this cute little top! I also love this top because of the sleeves which you may now that I love... ❤

Did you have a nice weekend? I had! I went to the town on the Saturday because last time I went shopping was in London and now when I don't need crutches anymore and I can walk normal (pretty much), I felt that it was time to do some shopping. And then I was with my boyfriend as usual and on the Sunday, my gymnastics club had its annual Spring show (it's really big actually! We're one of the biggest gym clubs in Sweden!) so we went there of course! It was the first time I didn't performed but it was fun to watch the whole show for the first time haha! My boyfriend also has a realtive that does gymnastics in my club so that's fun! And now it's Monday, again... But it's finally the last week before Easter Holiday, yay! So let's rock this week and then I will take some rest! And during the holiday, I hope I will be able to fix the video editing software I need so I can edit my London Travel Diary!

Top Primark

Jeans Zara

Shoes Feetfirst

Bag Mango

Earrings H&M

Rings H&M


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