Wednesday, April 12, 2017

6 Reasons to Love Spring!

1. The days are longer because it's brighter outside! Remember when it started to get dark after lunch? Now it's not even dark when it's dinner time! 

2. The birds are singing in the morning and it's so beautiful and nice to woke up to them singing! That makes me smile so much and the day goes on much easier. 

3. It's gets warmer so you can start doing workouts outside and enjoy the beautiful nature and get some fresh air. I know how much better I feel when I have been doing something outside so I try to do something outside at least one time every day. 

Cacharel Amor Amor L'Eau Flamingo, find it here

Escada Fiesta Carioca, find it here

4. Spring makes me want to try new recipes and eating more healthy. I recently bought the Kayla Itsines book which I love!

5. In the Spring, a lot of new fragrances are coming! I recently got these three and they are all so fresh and perfect for Spring! And have you seen that flamingo package... AMAZING!

6. It's funnier to shop now because Spring always mean pastel colors, floral and lace which I love so much and can't get enough of. 

Britney Spears Fantasy In Bloom, find it here


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