Monday, March 13, 2017

The Lovely List #15 Luxury love...

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Hi everyone and welcome to a new week! I hope you have had a lovely weekend! Mine was fun! Celebrated my boyfriend's parents birthdays and just had a relaxed, nice weekend! I'm still tired haha! Seems like this tiredness from my surgery never goes away haha! But it's much better now and I'm surprised how fast it gets better, I can do so much now and have almost no pain (almost...hehe).

In today's post I went a little cray cray and put my current favorite luxury items in this widget. My favorites are definitely the four first items, all from Valentino (dress from Red Valentino). I have been obsessed with Valentino studs lately... I LOVE the rockstud shoes... They are the most beautiful shoes ever! I actually found dupes on Primark so got them in two colors! So happy! So I will have to wear them until I'm rich enough to buy the real ones haha! Might take a while but sometime I know I will buy them! I love the low heeled ones, they seems to be so comfy and I would love to walk around in them every day in my life haha!


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