Monday, March 6, 2017

La Nuit Trésor

It's time for another beauty post! Lately, I have started to take more beauty and makeup photos and I really enjoy it haha! But it's also because I did a knee surgery last week so I'm not able to take any outfit photos at the moment! But soon I hope! 

My boyfriend's mom gave me this set of La Nuit Trésor products around two weeks ago which made me so happy! She bought it because it was on sale but when she came home she realised that she have so much perfumes and stuff so she gave it to me! Yay haha! This scent is like many scents I have been trying lately, more "heavy" than I usually go for. I attend to buy floral, fresh and girly perfumes but lately, I have been using more feminine ones. Some of the bottom notes in this perfume is vanilla orchid, praline and papyrus the black rose. This is the perfect perfume for Valentine's Day but unfortuntaley we will have to wait for a year now! But I'm definitely going to use this as one of my everyday perfumes! It stays on the whole day and you can even shower with it and it will still be on your skin, that's amazing quality if you ask me!


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