Monday, February 27, 2017

Staple Pieces + Life Update!

Hi everyone and hi new week! Starting of this week with this classic and basic outfit, perfect for many occasions! A classic black sweater and a grey skirt can be worn in so many different ways and that's why I thnik they are perfect staple pieces. This time, I went for a very laid back look but I pared it with my gold"ish" tote to glam it up a bit, and my OTK boots of course! But you can wear this outfit for a dinner or a party as well! All you have to do is to add a nice statement necklace or a pair of beautiful earrings and some more makeup! ❤

Sweater Primark

Skirt Primark

Boots H&M (only available in brown it seems like)

Bag Zara

Earrings H&M

Life Update...

This week will be different from my other ones. This week, I will do something that I have never done before. I'm going to do a surgery. About two months ago, I got to know that my ACL is broke and it has been broke for 2,5 year so now I'm going to fix it. I knew from the beginning that if my ACL is broke, I will fix it because living with a knee that is this unstable is not fun, especially not if you love working out. What makes me angry is that a didn't got a x-ray for 2,5 years ago when it happend. The doctor I met said that my knee cap just had jumped out of it's place and that it has gone back. I will just have to take it easy for a while. But then it happend again, again and again. Four times total and then I went to a new physiotherapist (love her!!) and she said that she felt something on my ACL and then I got a x-ray and she was right, my ACL was broke. But better late than never I guess! But I'm a bit nervous because I have never done a surgery before and I'm a bit scared of how it's going to feel when I wake up and so. But my friend's boyfriend just did the same surgery and he says that the first week or the two first weeks are the worst, then it gets better fast! So that makes me calmer! I'm going to do the surgery on Thursday so I don't know if I'm going to be able to post anything on my instgram on Thursday or Friday, but hopefully I will feel better in the weekend! But it's also interesting and a bit of an adventure. When I said yes to my doctor that I want to do the surgery, he said "So exciting! It's something new that you have never done before!", which is true! 



  1. Lovely outfit! I really like the color scheme.
    Good luck with your surgery. :)

  2. Love the over the knee boots!


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