Friday, February 24, 2017

My Time in London!

Hi everyone! It's been a while since I blogged now, or it's actually just one week but it feels longer! So what have I done this week? Well, if you follow me on instagram you know that I have been in London! I spent a few days in London with my mom and it was wonderful! We just walked around and did a lot of shopping!! I found what I was looking for (a graduation dress) + a lot more! So I'm happy, pleased and satisfied now😃 Shopping for spring and summer in London was like a dream clothing wise haha! 

It was over a year ago since last time I was in London, and I didn't remember how bad the air is. Or maybe it has been wore the latest year, I don't know. After a day, I got headache when we got out because of the bad air, it was almost difficult to breathe! And there are so many people who smokes! Not good! 

But we walked through Hyde Park one day to get to Harrods and the air is so much better there! My headache disappeared and it was so nice to be surrounded by some trees and flowers haha! The hectic pace on Oxford Street and Regent Streed makes me crazy sometimes. 

The weather during the days we were there was so lovely! It was sunny part of the days and warm. One day it was 18 degrees and it really was spring there! Here at home, it's snowing and it's full winter, buuh! 

I also did some filming so I will try to do a London Travel Diary but I don't know when it will be up but I will let you know! 

It was a bit sad to leave but I know I will come back soon again! I have been in London four times now and I'm planning to go there many, many more times!❤



  1. London looks so fun!
    I really like both of your outfits. :)

  2. Ah Liberty's, you beauty!

    Great photos!

    Faded Windmills


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