Friday, February 3, 2017

My Everyday Makeup Savers

Woop woop it's Friday! Today we're going to talk about makeup! These are two products that have been in my makeup bag for a long time now, the concealer for years actually. These two are my everyday go to products and I use the foundation at least three days a week. 

Foundation here (but in a glas bottle) 

I bought this foundation this summer and before I buy a foundation, I always do a lot of reserach and watch videos on Youtube and read reviews but with this one, I didn't. I just went into Kicks, saw it and bought it. Simple as that! I'm drawn to everything that says matte so I saw that this one was a matte and poreless foundation so I couldn't resist it. 

The reason why I have been using this for about seven months now is because it's so light weight and it doesn't clog my pores. It gives a very natural finish and it contains blurring micro-powders so it's minimizing the pores. I have a light skin tone and sometimes it's hard to find the perfect match but it feels like this color matches my skin tone and kind of melts into my skin (without clogging pores as I said) so it looks natural and not cakey. I often work out wearing makeup and when I have this foundation on, it's like I don't have any foundation because I can't feel it. Love! ❤ But as with any foundation that I have ever tried, it doesn't make my skin matte for the whole day, just a few hours but I can live with it because of the natural finish. 

Concealer here 

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer is a cult product in my makeup bag. This is the product that makes my life haha! I don't even remember when I got this for the first time. I might have been 13 maybe? The true reason why I'm using it, is that I bought it, tried it, loved it and continued using it. It gives great coverage for under eyes, pimpels, bumps and redness. Sometimes, I also use it as a foundation! Sometimes when I go to my boyfriend and don't want to take so much stuff with me and when my skin looks okay, I use it as a foundation and it works perfectly! I have been using it as a foundation is school as well and felt comfortable with it, which is a very, very good grade coming from me!

Do you have any makeup savers in you makeup bag? Would love to know about them! 💕


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