Tuesday, January 10, 2017

First Foundation From L'Oréal!

Hi everyone! I hope you're doing fine! Today is all about back to normal day life. But it's only five weeks (almost four!) until next break so it's not that long. Hopefully it will go fast! 

Today I want to talk makeup and foundation with you! A couple of weeks ago, I bought my first foundation from L'Oréal! I love their mascaras and I don't know why I haven't tried a foundation before. I got the Infallible 24H Stay Fresh Foundation and I had no expectations at all. I always looking for foundations that makes the skin stay matte och this one says it's going to. And my skin stays matte, but only for about three hours. But I have extremely oily skin so I don't think there is a foundation in the whole world that can keep my skin matte longer than a few hours haha! But I really like the formula! It's not thin and not thick, it's in the middle which I really like. And it has great coverage and it makes my skin feel very smooth and that's good! I'm really looking forward to try more foundations from L'Orèal because they seems to be very good!

More from the Infallible collection ❤


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