Monday, December 12, 2016

Winter Coats

Here comes my winter 2016 coats  blog bost! Maybe a bit late but better late than never, right?! I know that the winter is in full swing in many countries, like Sweden for example... But it looks Christmassy! 

I have linked up a bunch of coats and jackets for every occasion and in different price ranges so I hope you find something that you like! 

Coat Vila

We're so close to Christmas now! It's only one and a half week left until the Holiday and I can't wait! I'm so excited and I really want to wear my Christmas Eve outfit haha! I have bought something beautiful and red and I just love it so much! I also can't wait to spend a little more time with my boyfriend. We see each other almost everyday because we're going in the same school but we only have a few lessons together and then it's just a quick good bye. And of course we spend most of the weekends together but still! I miss him all the time! ❤❤❤


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  1. Love this coat! The color is perfect!



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