Friday, December 30, 2016

Time to Shine!

So that was it. 2016 is almost over. It feels so weird and also unreal to write this post. How can a year go so fast? It has gone fast but I have also gone trough a lot and I have done a lot, both boring and fun things. 

The first half of 2016 was horrible. Literally, it was a hell. I know that I wrote about it on the blog, I'm talking about school. I had never experienced something like that before. I had so much to do and it was too much. I tried, tried and tried again and I did my best. I really did! But it didn't worked out. I have never felt so bad in my whole life as I did back then. I don't want anyone, not even my worst enemy, to go trough something like it. Now, my worst enemy happens so be my math and physics teacher but well well haha. But I'm just so incredibly happy that that time is over and it will never come again! I will definitely put all that behind me when I go into 2017. Of course it will pop up in my mind because after all, my grades and school is affected because of. But I can't do something about it at this moment anyway so I'm not going to waste my time thinking on it. It's over and I'm more than happy for it.

This year hasn't only been a hell. As I said, that was only the first half of it! The second half started out much better! I got summer break and went to two places that I had never been to before, Amsterdam and Greece! I love to travel and I'm glad that I'm older now and got more money so I can do it! I really fell in love with Amsterdam, such a beautiful city! I can't wait to come back because they have so much to explore, see and do. I'm not done with Amsterdam yet! A few weeks after Amsterdam, I went to Greece. Me and my friends didn't end up in the best town/place but because of that, I feel like I have to go back! I want to see more of the real Greece and the nature. We went on a few boat trips and we swam in the sea and it was so amazing and such a cool experience! The nature in Greece is stunning and I want more of that, please! 

Suddenly, summer break was over and it was all about back to school. I hate school so all my happiness disappeared for a while and I don't think I will be 100% happy again until it's over and I have graduated but I'm doing the best of the situation, as always! I try, try and try! Lucklily, I don't have much in school at all this year, it's just biology and annoys me so much! Or actually it's my teacher that annoys me. Biology would be okay if it wasn't for her and it's not only my that thinks so! But I will try to not think about her so much now. I will just do what I'm supposed to do and try to get at least E on the tests. 

Me and my boyfriend also celebrated one year together in October! I can't believe it! When I started "high school" (we have a different system than high school but it's similar) and in my new class, I never ever thought that I would find the man in my life in my new school and class. It shows that life is so unpredictable! 

I also want to say thank you to all of you who follows me, comments in my blog and instagram and everything! Blogging is a hobby that I really like and enjoy doing! Thank you so much! 

And now we have come to an end... I'm glad that we're going into a new year now. 2016 has been good and bad, crazy and amazing. But I'm glad that 2017 is here now because I'm ready for everything that comes with it! Tomorrow is the day and it's time to shine! Bring it on, 2017! ❤❤❤


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